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State Director:

The position of State Director is a vital link to the WBA. The main responsibilities of the State Director are to manage and inform all of the Regional Directors of the latest WBA information and to update the World Bunco Association of their states activity. It is important for the State Director to coordinate and build alliances between the Regional Directors. The State Director will communicate with the WBA on the states events through the WBA's online community (calendar/bunco/email/website within the site).

This position requires a person to be computer literate, possess good communication skills, be well organized, and personable. *In some cases, because of the size of the state the WBA will implement two State Directors.

Regional Director(s):

The Regional Director will establish bunco groups within their territory, identify with the existing ones, and create camaraderie among them. The Regional Director is essential to the communication of the World Bunco Association's news by coordinating with the state director of up and coming events such as: home games, tournaments as well as fundraising. The Regional Director will communicate with the State Director on their regions events through the WBAís online community (calendar/bunco/email/website within the site).

This position requires a person to be computer literate, organized, friendly, and have an outgoing personality with good communication skills.

All directors will be required to sign an agreement stating they will not:
  • Share any information of the WBA with any third party including, but not limited to, competing organizations, advertising or promotional companies.
  • Use any promotional materials, without prior approval from the WBA.
  • Promote Bunco outside of the copyright/trademark laws.
  • Sell players personal information to solicitors for any purposes what so ever.

The World Bunco Association reserves the right to terminate a director if this signed agreement is violated. The agreement may be modified without notice.

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