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World Bunco Association® Fundraising

*The World Bunco Association is happy to lend support with your fundraiser. With the assistance and permission from the WBA you will receive the use of the official World Bunco Association logo, WBA product sponsorship, as well as support with extended rules and regulations to run your tournament. We assist from table set up all the way to the production of event. 

$195.00 Development/Processing Fee includes:

1 World Bunco Association power point presentation on Game Play Layout and Rules for 12 to 216 players- which includes:

  • How to Set-up the room and tables.
  • Game Play, Rules and Scoring.
  • Rotation.
  • Pace and Time line suggestions.

2 World Bunco Association booklet with the necessary printable documents- which includes:

  • Liability waiver.
  • Registration form.
  • Sign-in Sheet.
  • Game Rules.
  • Suggestions on How to Raise Money.

3 Complimentary product for door prize giveaways.

  • It’s Bunco Time cookbook.
  • 1 Bunco keychain.
  • 1 Eco-Bunco T-shirt (random size).

4 Two Hours of Consultation through-out event planning by WBA Fundraising Event Expert.

5 Endorsement by the World Bunco Association.

6 WBA Logo for all event printed material.

*In exchange for our endorsement the World Bunco Association requires the two following guidelines be met:

  1. The WBA logo is to be on all printed material supporting and advertising your event. This brings continuity to the event and also raises awareness of our association to be able to assist others with their fundraising.
  2. At all events we require a sign-up document where players register to become a member of the WBA. All information is kept confidential and will not be sold for any purpose. Occasionally these players will receive an email strictly pertaining to Bunco. Event chairperson then sends the info back to the WBA in an excel format. 

Step 1:

Please tell us about yourself and your event
by filling out the form below:


As part of our commitment to our event our organization will uphold any and all guidelines in conjunction with those of the WBA. 

I agree to display the World Bunco Association logo on any of our event printed material(s), provide an official WBA sign in sheet at event, and share photos as well as a synopsis of the event with the WBA.

(Please complete all information below:)  


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For a larger event or to have the WBA in attendance, please check this box and a representative will contact you.


Step 2: Once we review and approve your event we will send you a link to pay for the development/processing fee.

Step 3: After payment you will be emailed a link to download the Power Point Presentation, Downloadable Printable Documents, and all the other information and logos to make your event a success.