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Rolling "Three of a kind" with the current number round being rolled(a Bunco is always worth 21 points for yourself and your teammate). Remember, only the player who rolls the Bunco gets the actual Bunco point at the bottom of their scoresheet. If at any time a player at the "Head" table rolls a Bunco they immediately ring the bell to signal the end of that particular round.

A round is a full turn of the number currently being rolled. As noted on the score sheet, each set is broken down into 6 rounds.

The game is divided into 4 sets. 1 Set equals 6 rounds.

Singular for Dice. When a player rolls a Bunco the keep the Fuzzy Die until the next Bunco is rolled.

Head Table
The "Head" table controls the pace of the game.

If there are not enough players, a ghost player can be substituted. The ghost moves from chair to chair like any player would. If the ghost rolls a Bunco, her team gets the 21 points and her teammate gets the Bunco point.

Roll -Off
If the score is tied at the end of a round there is a "Roll-Off." a Roll-Off is one complete turn around the table--rolling the current number "up"--playing one full round at the table while collecting points. The team with the most points after the Roll-Off is the winner and moves up a table.