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1. Playing The Game
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5. Organizing a Party
6. Can we play with more or less than 12 people?



-The object of a BUNCO® is to roll the dice and accumulate the most "Wins" or "BUNCO®s" during 4 sets of play.


-You will need 3 tables with 4 chairs at each table. Supply each table with 3 dice, 2 pencils, and 2 tally pads. Place the bell and fuzzy die at the head table.

-Take 12 score sheets and secretly draw a star on the back of 4 sheets. Have each person pick a score sheet; the will tell you who will be starting at the head table. The remaining 8 players can sit at Table 2 or Table 3.

-Each table is randomly divided into 2 teams. Team couples sit across from each other. Pick one person on each team to tally points during each round.


The "Head" table controls the pace of the game. The game begins when the "Head" table rings the bell. One player from each table starts the game by trying to roll "ones" with the 3 dice. Always take your roll using 3 dice. If one of the dice shows the number currently "up", tally 1 point. If two of the dice show the number currently "up", tally 2 points.

When one team at the "Head" table scores 21 points, or gets a BUNCO®, the Scorekeeper rings the bell, which signals the end of the round for ALL tables. Players at the secondary tables who are in the middle of their turn may finish their turn and add those points to their score. The team with the highest score at each table at that time wins the round. (Remember, all players continue to roll and score until the bell is rung, even if their team has already reached 21 points).

Rolling three of a kind of the same number of the round you are in is a BUNCO®. For example, rolling three "fours" in Round 4 or three "sixes" in Round 6 is a BUNCO®. The player must call out "BUNCO®" to receive 21 points for the temporary team score on the tally pad. IMPORTANT: Only the player who rolls the BUNCO® gets one BUNCO® point on her individual score sheet.

Rolling three of a kind other than the number of the round you are in is worth 5 points for the temporary team score on the tally pad. For example, rolling three "sixes" in Round 4 is worth 5 points. A player continues rolling until no points are rolled.

EXAMPLE: Round 1 (Each "one" rolled is worth 1 point)

Player rolls:

--> -two "ones" are rolled. Player has 2 points and rolls all 3 dice again.

--> -a "one" is rolled. Player now has 3 points (2 and 1), and rolls all 3 dice again.

--> -no points are rolled. The dice are passed clockwise to the next player.

The team Scorekeeper writes down 3 points on the team tally pad.

If  a player rolls:

-->- BUNCO®! Three of a kind of the number of the present round (three "ones" in Round 1). A BUNCO® is worth 21 points for the team score on the tally pad. Remember: Only the player who rolls the BUNCO® gets one BUNCO® point on her score sheet.

If a player rolls:

-->- Three of a kind (but not a BUNCO®), scores 5 points. Player rolls all 3 dice again. The team Scorekeeper adds 5 points to the score on their tally pad.


 When a team at the "Head" table reaches 21 points or rolls a BUNCO®, they ring the bell to signal the end of the round. Each player marks a "W" (win) or "L" (loss) in the space provided for the first round on their individual score sheet. This is determined by the team with the highest score. In case of a tie, see ROLL-OFF section.

The winning teams stays at the "Head" table. Have one teammate move over a chair so they will have different partners for the next round. The losing team from the "Head" table goes down to Table 2.

The winning team from Table 2 goes to the "Head" table and the winning team from Table 3 goes to Table 2. The losing team from Table 2 goes to Table 3 and the losing team from Table 3 stays at the table, but one player moves over one chair so they will have a different partner.

The "Head" table rings the bell to signal the start of round 2. Each player rolls for "twos" in the second round.

Play continues for 2 complete sets (6 rounds per set). At this point, take a break for dessert and continue the last 2 sets.

The game ends when all 4 sets of BUNCO® have been completed. Each person then adds up their total BUNCO®s, Wins and Losses from each round and writes the totals at the bottom of their score sheet. Prizes are awarded at this time.

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The prize values equal the suggested $5 contribution made by each player at the beginning of the game. The prizes are selected by the host prior to the game with the above mentioned contribution. The winners are determined at the end of the game after each player totals up their BUNCO®s, Wins and Losses for each round. Each player writes her totals at the bottom of her score sheet. The host of the party then awards the prizes. If there is a tie score for a particular prize, there is a ROLL-OFF and the highest roll receives the prize.

 $20 Prize = Most BUNCO®'s-for the player that rolls the most BUNCO®s.

$15 Prize = Most Wins- for the player with the most Wins.

$10 Prize = Traveling- for the player who rolled the last BUNCO® and is holding the fuzzy die at the end.

$8 Prize = 50/50- for the player with equal Wins and Losses.

$5 Prize = Most Losses- for the player with the most Losses.

$2 Prize = "At Least I'm Taking Something Home Prize"- collect the remaining score sheets from players without prizes and the host draws a winner.

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1. 12 fun-loving people, 1 of which is the hostess for the month.
2. 3 tables, 4 people, each table.
3. At each table: 3 dice, 2 pencils, 2 scratch pads and a score sheet for each person.
4. Bell to signal rounds (Stays at head table).
5. 1 Fuzzy Traveling Die (Begins at head table).

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Get 12 people together who want to meet once a month or once a week. Pick a month or week that each person will be host. Once established, it helps to give each member a copy of the BUNCO® party dates. If a member can't make a party, just call another friend or have a list of alternates available or substitute a Ghost. A Ghost is an invisible player that travels from table to table like a regular player would. Have the ghost's partner for each round roll both turns. Don't have enough players??? Find others in your area! Got to our new Bunco® community section:

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--> Arrange to serve appetizers/dinner before the playing starts. Some hosts have a potluck party. Others prefer to have each host supply food and drinks. Go ahead and dine at the BUNCO® playing tables.

--> After dinner is served, pass out the score sheets to determine who will play at the "Head" table. See SET UP section.

--> After the first two complete sets, players take a break and dessert is served. Have players put their own score sheets at the appropriate "Head" table, Table 2 or Table 3 for the second half of the game.

--> When the game is completed and score tallied, prizes are then awarded.
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Yes. Simply increase or reduce the number of tables per number of players (4 players per table). You must of course obtain three additional dice for each additional table. Using a Ghost as described above can accommodate an odd number of players.
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